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The autumn stroll

I recently painted this portrait of Hermione, Dobby and Crookshanks from the Harry Potter books. Dobby was very much based on how he appears in the movies, while the other two are more how I envisioned them, at least when I did this painting. It's funny because I don't really get a clear picture of things, wheter I'm reading a book or dreaming. It's all quite blurry. Anyway, I always loved Hermione, and so does my Potterhead of a girlfriend. She also really likes Dobby, and while there is a lot of sadness in Dobby's story, there is also a lot of joy. He is often very happy about things that humans take for granted and finds happiness in the little things, which are often big to him (not just literally, haha). That inspired me to do this painting. I went for an autumn theme since autumn is where we are heading, and I wanted to try to capture what I like about the season.

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